In Newsletter: Spring '23

The beat goes on and we continue to build on the foundation of this District Council. Our Business Manager Christian Brennan now has several months of experience weighing in on the day-to-day decisions that must be made on our behalf. A new beat and tempo have been the order of the day here at DC 35 and the Leadership Team has been working together to enhance the opportunities and the quality of life for every member of District Council 35.

Since my last article, I have continued to work closely with our Leadership Team on the nuts and bolts of what makes our Council great. Collective bargaining continues to be one of the primary drivers for my assignments here at DC 35.

Over the past several months I have worked closely with many of our members on securing new or renegotiated collective bargaining agreements. At Gillette Stadium we have a new maintenance contractor UG-2, and LB&B has taken over several courthouse locations where we represent workers. Both work in conjunction with our partners in the Area Trades Council.

At Mass General Faulkner Hospital, we reached an agreement on a new contract for our members. I have worked on this agreement on several occasions and this new pact brings significant improvements for all the crafts at the facility. The good hard work of the committee brought this one home.

Since my last message to the membership, I have reopened several agreements for renegotiation and we will soon start working on agreements for our members working in the Kittery Maine School District, Northampton Housing Authority, and the City of Cambridge.

Working with our Organizing Department, we have engaged bargaining rights in Medford for a newly organized group and we have signed up a new screen process shop here locally that produces t-shirts and political signs as well.

Working with the Leadership Team, we again conducted special call meetings for our members working under the construction agreement. The allocation votes that take place each year afford our members the opportunity to have a voice on where they would like to see our raises allocated once the trustees have fulfilled their obligations. We will soon have the updated wage page available for distribution and the employers will be notified of the updates as well.

I recently had the privilege to attend our annual Finishing Industries Forum hosted by our IUPAT Labor Management Cooperation Initiative. This is part of what I consider to be our commitment to continuing education and it gives us a platform to bolster employer relations, industry trends, and the issues we face as industry partners. This year Bob Swanson of Swanson & Youngdale Painting of Minnesota was recognized for his commitment to improving our industries and his passion for helping people through his involvement with mental health awareness and suicide prevention. I had the privilege of working with Mr. Swanson on the National Board of Trustees for the International Finishing Trades Institute. This recognition is well-deserved.

Recently we had the opportunity to recognize former and now retired BM/ST Jeff Sullivan. The testimonial was extremely well attended, and Brother Sullivan was deservedly recognized for his over 40 years of service to our Union. Congratulations Jeff and Diane on a long and healthy retirement. All the Best!

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Chris Brennan