DC 35 Member Scholarships


District Council 35 members can access many benefits that improve quality of life, security and opportunity for themselves and their families. Part of the reason we’re Union is to give our loved ones a greater chance to succeed in life and the option to follow their own path.

Below is a list of annual scholarships specially available to DC35 members and their families.

Scholarships for Students Attending Any School

William Doherty Memorial Scholarship

Eligibility: DC 35 Member in good standing, and/or spouse, child or dependent of such member, enrolled in accredited and tuition charging high school or college.
Awards: Up to 5 awards annually totaling $5,000 annually.
Requirements: Applicants must submit a copy of most recent or current transcript and a 500+ word essay on the topic: “Why do elections matter?”
How to apply: https://iupatdc35.org/william-doherty-scholarship/
Deadlines: August 2024

S. Frank “Bud” Raftery Scholarship

Eligibility: Son, daughter or legal dependent of an IUPAT member in good standing.
Awards: Up to 10 awards Union-wide of $2,000 annually, totaling $20,000 annually.
Requirements: Applicants must submit an essay of 1,000-2,000 words on a topic selected by the IUPAT Scholarship Committee.
How to apply: Application form
Deadlines: May 29, 2024

A.L. “Mike” Monroe/Ralph D. Williams, III Sports Scholarship

Eligibility: Dependent of an IUPAT member; registered with the NCAA Clearing House with a declared athletic program.
Awards: $5,000 award annually.
Requirements: Applicants must submit a transcript and complete history of athletic participation and recognition. Applicants must provide letters of recommendation from an athletic director from the institution they plan to attend.
How to apply: Application form
Deadlines: May 29, 2024

Union Plus Scholarship

Eligibility: Current and retired members of participating unions, their spouses and dependent children. Member must have one continuous year of membership to be eligible or for member’s spouse or dependent to be eligible.
Awards: Awards range from $500 to $4,000. (In 2022, 189 awards totaled $200,000.)
Requirements: Applicants must submit a letter of reference and complete two essays of approximately 350 words on a selection of questions.
How to apply: https://www.unionplus.org/benefits/education/union-plus-scholarships
Deadlines: January 31st, 2024. Applications are available annually starting in June.

Union Plus Scholarship: Isaiah’s Award

Eligibility: A special award of the above Union Plus Scholarship. Must have a special connection to the foster care system and will have specific questions and criteria to submit in application.
How to apply: https://www.unionplus.org/benefits/education/union-plus-scholarships
Deadlines: January 31st, 2024. Applications are available in mid-June.

Massachusetts AFL-CIO Scholarship and Labor Education Program

Eligibility: Senior in high school. Registrants with union family members are eligible for special awards.
Awards: Individual awards range from $500 to $16,000.
Requirements: Must complete the AFL-CIO Labor History Exam administered in high schools.
How to apply: Applications available as of October 2023. https://massaflcio.org/scholarships
Deadlines: Registration Deadline: December 22, 2023. Exams will be held from February 5 – February 9, 2024.

Central Massachusetts AFL-CIO Scholarship

Eligibility: Graduating high school seniors going on to college and a child or grandchild of a member who lives in the jurisdiction of the Central Mass AFL-CIO. To check if your residence is eligible, refer to the Mass AFL-CIO’s Central Labor Council map: https://massaflcio.org/central-labor-councils
Awards: Six awards are $1,000; several other sponsored $1,000 and $500 awards are made.
Requirements: Awards are drawn by lottery.
How to apply: Please inquire with DC 35 for application forms.
Deadlines: 2024 applications are not yet open. Applications are due in May of the year.

Greater Southeastern Massachusetts Labor Council Annual Scholarship Program

Eligibility: High school seniors living in Southeastern Mass, Cape Cod & Islands; must be a child, grandchild, legal ward, niece, or nephew of a member whose local is affiliated with the Southeastern Massachusetts Labor Council.
Awards: Three $1,000 awards are granted.
Requirements: Applicants must submit a 700-word essay describing their family’s involvement in the labor movement.
How to apply: Please visit bit.ly/GSMCLCscholarship2024 for information on how to apply, or contact the Labor Council at 508-436-0774 or gsmlcsholarships@gmail.com
Deadlines: Applications are due April 21, 2024.

New Hampshire AFL-CIO Linda Horan Scholarship

Eligibility: Members of an NH AFL-CIO affiliated union in good standing; spouses, children, grandchildren, stepchildren or legal wards of such members.
Awards: Three awards of $1,500, $1,000 and $750; further awards funds allowing.
Requirements: Applicants must submit a 750 to 1,000 word essay on a labor topic to be selected by the scholarship committee.
How to apply: https://nhaflcio.org/the-2023-nh-afl-cio-linda-horan-scholarship-awards/
Deadlines: Applications for 2023 are closed. Please check NH AFL-CIO website for future announcements.

Scholarships for Students Attending Specific Schools

NABTU Governing Board of Presidents Scholarship (Construction Management Online B.A. from Rowan University)

Eligibility: Scholarship for first-year students of Rowan University’s Construction Management B.A. program. Program is available online. Building Trades union members enrolled as first year students in the program are eligible.
Awards: Awards are up to $7,200 per grantee.
Requirements: Building Trades Union card; an Associate’s Degree or 24 hours of transferable credits; $65 dollar application fee; a minimum 2.0 GPA.
How to apply:



Deadlines: Summer 2024 semester applications are due April 1, 2024. Following Fall Semester applications due July 1st, 2024.

UMass Dartmouth Porter, Jay / Faculty Federation Scholarship

Eligibility: Massachusetts residents with demonstrated financial need who are children of union members.
Requirements: Applicants must file FAFSA and complete the UMass Dartmouth General Scholarship Application.
How to apply: https://www.umassd.edu/financialaid/scholarships/
Deadlines: FAFSA filing must be submitted by May 1st of the year. Scholarship application is due August 1st.

Benjamin J. Dorsky Memorial Scholarship (UMaine)

Eligibility: Maine residents with financial need as determined by FAFSA. Only available to UMaine flagship campus students.
Awards: Awards vary based on funding availability.
Requirements: Preference is given to the children of Maine AFL-CIO Union members.
How to apply: https://umaine.edu/stuaid/types-of-aid/scholarships/scholarshipuniverse-applications/
Deadlines: Upcoming award cycles to be announced on ScholarshipUniverse. FAFSA filing is open October 1 2023 and due June 30 in 2024.

Jay Foundation (UMaine System)

Eligibility: Maine residents with financial need as determined by FAFSA. Available to students matriculated in any of the seven UMaine campuses. Must be a member or child, spouse or dependent of a good-standing member in the Maine AFL-CIO.
Awards: Minimum award of $500. Awards will vary based on funding availability.
How to apply: Applicants should use ScholarshipUniverse. Application process may vary depending on which UMaine campus the applicant is attending. UMaine recommends contacting the campus Financial Aid Office as well.
Deadlines: Upcoming award cycles to be announced on ScholarshipUniverse. FAFSA filing is open October 1 2023 and due June 30 in 2024.

Linda Backus Memorial Scholarship (University of Vermont)

Eligibility: Entering or continuing at University of Vermont. Two previous years of higher education completed. Have an immediate family member—parent, step-parent, guardian, sibling, stepsibling—who is a member of any union in Vermont.
Awards: $1,000 award. Applicants for Linda Backus are also entered for chance to win a Jeffrey Brace award of $500.
Requirements: An essay of up to 750 words describing involvement in community service and/or social justice. A copy of a relative’s union card and a copy of transcript also required.
How to apply: https://www.unitedacademics.org/scholarships
Deadlines: April 2024. 2024 applications not yet available; please check website for future updates.

Special Scholarships

Richie Eckler Memorial Scholarship Fund

Eligibility: Accepted into a first-year apprenticeship.
Awards: A 250-500 word essay describing the impact of being accepted as an IUPAT apprentice. Applicants must have extensive involvement in school and community activities. One award is reserved for a veteran.
Requirements: Two awards of $1,000 to help cover an apprentice’s expenses.
How to apply: Contact FTI New England at (617) 524-0248.
Deadlines: Applications are due May 1st.

International Union Of Painters And Allied Trades
S. Frank “Bud” Raftery Scholarship Awards

At the 25th General Convention held in Washington, DC, in August 1984, to honor his service to the International Union all his adult life, and his accomplishments and progressive thinking, a

resolution was passed creating the S. Frank “Bud” Raftery Scholarship Fund.

At the 27th General Convention held Washington, DC, in August 1994, General President A. L. “Mike” Monroe and the General Executive Board, who believe strongly in the principles for which the Scholarship Fund was created, and the need to continue and enhance this Convention theme of Organizing, Education and Training designed to bring all of our members and their families into the strategic planning and operation of our International Union through educational programs, passed a resolution to increase the S. Frank “Bud” Raftery Scholarship Fund to $20,000, allowing for (10) scholarships of $2,000.00 annually.

This fine program is available to sons, daughters, or legally adopted dependents of IUPAT members in good standing to apply for scholarships. All applicants must submit an essay, not less than 1,000 or more than 2,000 words on an essay topic selected by the IUPAT Scholarship Committee.

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