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DC 35 Brothers, Sisters, and family,

Happy holidays! The end of the year is a time for remembrance, giving, and joy. We take stock of where we came from and have a moment to think about where we are going as we pursue the future with hope. Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a happy and peaceful New Year. May the holiday season fill your home with joy, your heart with love, and your life with laughter.

Vineyard Wind is currently building the nation’s first offshore wind energy project and in July 2021, Vineyard Wind signed the first Project Labor Agreement (PLA) for an offshore wind project in the United States. This project is 35 miles off the coast Massachusetts and estimated to cost close to $3 billion. The project will generate renewable energy for over 400,000 businesses and homes throughout the New England area. It is located 15 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard and is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by over 1 million tons per year. 

We have had three members working out at the substation, on a two weeks on and two weeks off schedule. The team is also sending more members for the GWO training which will teach them to understand and reduce safety risks in the wind turbine industry. We are in the process of training more members for the possible workload coming in the future for offshore wind and its marshalling yards or staging yards.

 Justin Desmond, Jay Kinslow, and I worked with a great group of 12 individuals from Malden Maintenance Public Facilities for almost a year. We are proud to say that they have ratified their first ever Union contract by an unanimous vote. It is a great win for the current and future facility maintenance workers who will have a Union Collective Bargaining Agreement and Union Representation. The timing on this ratification vote couldn’t have been any better, since it was Friday of Labor Day weekend. Congrats!

This year we have been monitoring and making connections with Prysmian Group, who are investing $200 million to build a new submarine cables factory in the town of Somerset, MA at what used to be Brayton Point Power Station. They are partnering with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the town of Somerset to create a supply facility for essential components for renewable energy. It will be a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that will create much-needed jobs, boost the region’s economy,, and contribute to a stronger community. If it receives final approval, it will be the first location in North America capable of producing these advanced submarine cable products. These cables will be used to deliver power from several new offshore wind farms which will be vital to President Biden’s goal of installing 30 GW in offshore wind power by 2030. 

The connections that the team has been making have been great and will be helpful in hopes to land jobs for our members. If this project comes to fruition it’s possible our members can contribute to future maintenance of the facility, like we now have with  the former Brayton Point Power Station.

The team will be keeping an eye on a massive Dorchester project called Dorchester Bay City. It recently got the green light from the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA). This $5 billion project would put 21 mixed-use buildings on the site of the old Bayside Expo Center where DC 35 has our annual STAR event. Plans have been in the works to transform the 36-acre site into a climate-resilient mini city. The site calls for 6.1 million-square-feet of office, research, and development space, housing and potentially academic uses, and 15.4 acres of open space. There are plans for over 1,900 apartments in which about 20% will be designated affordable. 

This project is planned to take at least 10 to 15 years to fully build, and approvals are still needed for the individual building designs and development plans. We can’t wait to see this come to fruition with our DC 35 members on this incredible project!


Remember Dan Halpenny

I received a call from Billy Manning,the lead superintendent with Lee Kennedy who got my number from Scott Mallett. Billy reached out to me to see if DC 35 could team up with Soep Painting to get a court painted. The court would be to honor DC 35 member Dan Halpenny who lost his battle with a rare type of cancer. Dan was only 43-years-old when he passed, and left behind his wife and four children. Dan was a proud Union painter and when he wasn’t working, he was swimming or playing basketball with his kids. 

BMST Chris Brennan, was on board immediately to get this done for Dan Halpenny’s wife and kids. Soep Painting supplied the manpower, and DC 35 contributed paint and material. DC 35 members from Soep, Jason Soep, and John Hanna donated their time. I’m personally proud of you, brothers, and all involved. You did an incredible job.

I want to Thank BMST Chris Brennan and the whole DC 35 team for having the confidence in me to be a DC 35 Representative/Organizer. I’m proud, humbled, and honored to stand side by side with BMST Chris Brennan and this team and represent all of DC 35 members. We have a great future ahead of us together as one Union. As long as we all get involved, nothing can hold us back to push this great Union DC 35 IUPAT into the future for all who want an opportunity. Thank you all!

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