Finishing Trades Institute of New England

Hours of Operation: 8-4 pm Monday to Friday

About FTI-NE:

Established in 1966, the Finishing Trades Institute of New England (FTI-NE) provides highly-skilled training to workers in the finishing trades industry, including apprentices, journeypersons, supervisors, project managers, safety officers etc. With two state-of-the-art training centers, men and women across New England get the opportunity to hone their skills through a comprehensive curriculum and unequaled training programs.

Registered under the US Department of Labor, the institute started in Massachusetts and was expanded to providing training to apprentices in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

With our apprentices, our aim is to provide career advancement through a combination of classroom instruction, shop training, and field experiences.  All of our apprentices receive a minimum of 150 hours of classroom and 6000 hours of on-the-job training over a period of three years.

The FTI-NE is a trailblazing institution providing comprehensive apprenticeship training and integrating cutting-edge technology into the curriculum, supporting out-of-the-box approaches, and the continued professional development of the staff.

Mission Statement:

The Finishing Trades Institute of New England is a postsecondary educational institution dedicated to developing professional tradespeople, advancing their skills and certifying their qualifications. Our students include commercial and industrial painters, drywall finishers, glaziers, and sign and display workers.

The FTI-NE exists to serve a number of purposes:

  • To supply our signatory contractors with highly skilled workers including apprentices, journeypersons, supervisors, project managers, etc.
  • To provide career advancement through a combination of classroom instruction as well as shop and field experiences.
  • To provide continuing education and training in the form of Journey- person Continuing Education classes.

With two state of the art training centers, we specialize in complete training for Coatings Applicator Specialists, Commercial Painter and Wall Coverers, Drywall Finishers, Glaziers, Sign and Display Workers and Specialty Trades.

Men and women are afforded comprehensive curriculum and unequaled training.

It is impressed upon our students the realization that acquiring vital trade specific skills and developing good work ethic is necessary in securing and maintaining fair wages, health and pension benefits, and favorable working conditions.

Read about our apprenticeship programs here.

Important updates from the FTI on FTI applications and STAR 2021 training requirements:

  • We will be opening for applications the 1st business day in January 2022 from 10 – 4 pm and continue to accept applications each day thereafter from 10 – 4 pm until we reach our quota. Due to the pandemic, we will start by accepting only 15 applications until further notice. Once we’re back on track we will accept 25 applications per month for 10 months out of the year from January – October.
  • The STAR 2022 training requirements will once again be PFT and any other course taught by the FTI New England. Another course calendar will be in the next newsletter.


I Want More Information on Apprenticeship Training


Apprenticeship applicants, BEFORE BEING ACCEPTED AS APPRENTICES, must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete the application form furnished by the Finishing Trades Institute of New England
  2. Be 18 years of age or older
  5. Be an American Citizen or be lawfully permitted to work in the United States of America
  6. Produce a copy of his/her high school diploma or GED or Job Corps Completion Certificate
  7. Be physically able to perform the work required of the trade
  8. Complete a favorable interview with an assigned DC #35 Interviewer
  9. Attend, and successfully complete, apprentice information session
  10. Pass a drug screening

Each applicant who meets all minimum requirements will be evaluated for acceptance.

The Painters and Allied Trades Finishing Trades Institute of New England is an Equal Opportunity Training Program. We encourage woman and minorities to apply.


Apprentices who are accepted in the program will be required to complete 6000 hours of on the job training together with 450 hours of related classroom instruction. The classes are from September through April.

All Boston FTI-NE Apprentices will attend 4 full time, one-week training sessions, spread out over a one year time period between the months of September and April.


Once a member beings work they will be required to join the union soon after their first day of work.  The apprentice initiation fee is $100.00 and is non-refundable. They then are initiated into their local. Apprentices receive a 1000-hour probationary period.


Apprentices receive an increase in their pay every 750 hours of work performed. The apprentice is responsible for turning in their pay stubs every 750 hours in order to receive that increase.

  • 10 Hour OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety)
  • Scaffolding
  • First Aid/CPR
  • PFT (Pulmonary Function Test)
  • ALTA (Ariel Lift Training)
  • Fall Protection (FP)

Finishing Trades Institute of New England, Main Campus   •   25 Colgate Road, Roslindale, MA 02131   •   617-524-0248   •   Fax: 617-524-0977   •   Business hours 8am – 4pm

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