Updates In Western Massachusetts And Announcing My Retirement by Vern Gaylor

 In News, Newsletter: Summer 2020

Worcester inserted a Community Betterment Agreement into the new ballpark, which means all contractors must meet the requirements for Worcester’s residents, women, minorities and veterans. The same language was put into the YWCA’s contract. I am hopeful of this change, as I know this new language will give our union companies an advantage over the nonunion companies. Therefore, the general contractor Consigli must make sure it is implemented.

The photos show there is a lot of work in the western part of the state going to the John Egan Painting. I could fill three pages of this newsletter with just Egan’s jobs in Central and Western Massachusetts. It is unfortunate that more of our union contractors do not put in bids for work in this area, since the work is going out to non-union companies.

In closing, after 45 years in the union, working in the field and as a business representative, it is time to enter into the next phase of my life, retirement. I plan on enjoying this time with my wife and family. Yet, I will never forget all the Union has done for me. I would like to thank Business Manager Jeff Sullivan for the confidence he had in me to run for the business representative position from Western MA Local 257. For the past nine and a half years, I have had the privilege of working with an incredible group of people at District Council 35. I know that under Jeff’s leadership, they will continue to do great things for all our members by keeping our union strong. My very best to all DC 35 members and their families.

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