School’s Out, DC 35 is In by Michael Lafferty

 In News, Newsletter: Fall '19

With the Endicott school vacant, we will be using the school for our training program this upcoming year. The members will have the opportunity to learn how to drum sand, diamond-cut terrazzo corridors and replace VCT floor tiles. When members have the knowledge to do this work,  Endicott facilities management will give the members of the local the opportunity to do this work instead of contracting it out.

We have already worked on a few projects for the school department, such as painting part of the Eliot School, scraping and repainting the cafeteria at the Mackey school and the repainting of whiteboards at the Bolling Building. With these projects, we proved to the school department that our members can do the work for less and better than the non-union contractors who usually received these small jobs from the school department.

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