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 In News, Newsletter: spring '19

The new calendar year looks good with work opportunity throughout our jurisdiction.

Left to Right – Richard Ferrer, Ben Roystan, Tom Briand, John Finn, Richard Brady and John Styles working for MPC Ink over the Hopkinton Lake in NH.

Tobin Bridge Viaduct Improvement in Chelsea, a $169,371,939 project was awarded to Skanska-McCourt joint venture. The blasting and painting job was awarded to L&L Painting out of New York; this is a two-year project with work opportunities for our members this spring. The Deer Island Water Tank Blasting and Painting was awarded to Atlas Painting and is projected to start the first week of April with more opportunities for work for our members. We have hundreds of bridges and overpasses in our jurisdiction. If you see any bridge work, please give us a call with road and city name or highway number and the nearest exit.

Call or text 617-592-2227. Thank you!

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