Maura Healey, Our Next Governor!

Jorge Rivera, Director of Organizing

As an attorney general, Maura Healey has been a champion for all workers. She has been a partner when we need help standing up to the big bully corporations taking advantage of the little guy. Anytime DC 35 needs a partner to fight shoulder to shoulder on a wage theft case, we can always count on Healey to comb through all evidence and make a fair ruling on the side of workers. As many cases of wage theft get reported, our alliance with Healey always takes us to the front of the line; partnering up with Healey has been a positive addition to our team, from helping us with training and learning public bid laws and enforcement to creating a level playing field and fair opportunities. A strong woman that is breaking down barriers for workers’ rights and believes in unions, equality, and inclusion in the workplace, Healey is a partner who has helped us since she has been elected.

The next chapter for Maura Healey will not only elevate her to Governor of the Commonwealth; if elected, DC 35 will have a partner as the governor, a direct line of contact. She will not only help workers, but we will have a governor not working for corporations, a governor with workers’ best interest in mind. We will innovate and break down barriers to better our future and position unions and workers in better chances to succeed. It’s time for workers to have a champion at the seat of governor looking out for us, and our best interests to make sure we get a piece of the pie and not fight for leftovers. DC 35 has committed to helping Healey get elected as the next governor. This is a call for all hands on deck to fight for one of our champions to better position ourselves for the future with her at the helm! GO MAURA HEALEY!

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