Labor Leader Award presented to Business Manager Jeff Sullivan for Outstanding Work Addressing Substance Use Disorder in the Construction Industry

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Business Manager Jeff Sullivan was presented the Labor Leader Award by the Labor Assistance Professionals (LAP) at their annual awards event on Friday. He received this award for his unwavering dedication to union-based assistance programs and his commitment to educating all union members about Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health Disorder, and Suicide Prevention.

Under his leadership, the union has made it their central mission to raise awareness about and provide assistance to those affected by Substance Use Disorder. In 2019, the union commenced training sessions on this crucial issue for its 300 apprentices.

“I am honored to receive this award,” said Jeff Sullivan. “It is essential for our incoming members, especially our apprentices, to know what to look for, how to care for those affected, and who to contact when it comes to substance use and mental health. They need to know that their union is here for them. I would like to thank the Labor Assistance Professionals for providing us with the support that allows us to do that for our members.”

The Labor Assistance Professionals (LAP) was established in 1990 to promote the development of peer-based Member Assistance Programs (MAPs) within the labor movement and ensure access to quality and effective mental health treatment services for all workers and their families.

“Mental health and substance use disorder is a ubiquitous issue plaguing the construction industry today,” said Paul Greeley of the Labor Assistance Professionals. “Our organization, through the help of visionary leaders like Jeff Sullivan, is reaching out to the men and women in our industry to provide them with the resources they need to address this issue.”

Along with the apprenticeship training programs, IUPAT DC 35 also hosts confidential Recovery Group Meetings every Wednesday night for members struggling with addiction or mental health. The turnout at these meetings is over 50 members each month.

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