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 In News, Newsletter: Fall '19

AGMT Certification Program

One thing is certain– 2019 was a busy year. When we started it was busy and by all accounts, we’re still busy. 12 months ago, we looked across the Boston skyline and we could count the cranes on two hands. Today there might be a few less, but that’s okay because your training department is ready to deliver. 

We also saw the long-awaited Architectural Glass and Metal Technician (AGMT) Glazier Certification Program come to fruition. The AGMT Certification Program was designed to measure glaziers’ abilities. It was created by and for the architectural glass and metal industry, with over 18 months of input and direction from subject matter experts from all corners of the industry. Subject matter experts included glazing technicians, glazing contractors, architects, engineers, general contractors, construction managers, industry consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, and many others.

There are seven major categories of competencies that are assessed by the AGMT Certification Program: 

  • Glazing Theory
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Documents & Layout
  • Glass & Panels
  • Systems
  • Sealants & Gaskets
  • Quality Control & Failure Prevention

The AGMT Certification Program is designed to validate the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the experienced glazier. It is not intended for entry-level technicians. In order to become a candidate for certification, an applicant must first meet these prerequisites:

  • Read and sign the AGMT Candidate Agreement
  • Demonstrate at least 7,500 hours (within 5 years) of glazing-related work experience
  • Possess OSHA 10 in the US or Basic OH&S in Canada
  • Submit a photo of the applicant

If you’re ready to put your skills to the test, call the training office today and reserve your seat: 617-524-0248!

Apprentice Classes

Our apprentice classes are in full swing. In August, first-year apprentices were 95 students strong. Dedicated instructors delivered OSHA 10, CPR/AED First Aid, Aerial Lift classes and moreover a two-week period, making it one of the biggest first-year classes of all time. 

During that time, our drywall finishing division completely tore down and rebuilt the mock-ups we use in the Brentwood, New Hampshire training center. Our commercial painters now use the mock-ups on the mezzanine space to practice painting and wallcovering, while the tapers can put their newly acquired skills to the test on 10-foot-high walls capped with soffits both straight and curved, as well as columns in every room. The Tapers have the much-needed space they’ve been craving for some time now. In all there are now 16 mock units totaling over 250 sheets of drywall for our apprentices to perfect their trade. 

The industrial painter program is experiencing growth too. It took longer than expected but we now have a structure in place to start training on certain types of suspended scaffolding commonly found on our area’s bridges. Safe Span Scaffolding Company has committed to outfit our center with all new equipment so our apprentices and journeymen alike can learn the techniques needed to perform safely on job sites.

Giving Back

Our commercial paint division has been giving its all to charity work, most notably out on the Boston Harbor Islands. Our apprentices have made numerous improvements on Georges, Peddocks and Spectacle Islands.  One such project involved the exterior painting of the chapel. Built-in 1941, it has literally weathered the storm. Our apprentices have brushed new life (pun intended) into that little church that will surely be enjoyed by many for years to come.

Other projects include working directly with the Medford Vocational Technical High School to repaint an old shop space. Our apprentices have been able to finally get the spray gun in their hands as they sprayed over 125 gallons of paint on the ceiling alone.

We acquired a line striping machine and, with the assistance of our industry partner Soep Painting, our apprentices completed the striping of the rear parking lot of our Boston training center.

It’s been a busy year. We have a record number of apprentices working more hours than ever. Classes run continuously from late August until June. Each craft has specialty courses they run, and through it all, our health & safety department continues to run more and more meaningful classes that have an impact on our lives both at home and on the job.

It’s been a busy year, but I don’t think any of us would want it any other way. 

Merry Christmas, everyone, and a Happy New Year!!

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