DC35 Sponsored 2018 Beyond Walls in Lynn

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Last year, the Beyond Walls festival left an incredible mark on Lynn when twenty artists from around the globe converged in historic downtown Lynn to install 15 murals in just 10 days. Covering 26,000 square feet of space, the dynamic pieces helped breathe new life into Lynn and showcased the City’s contributions as a modern center for the arts. The festival was also widely recognized for its economic impact: during a 10-day period, the festival attracted 5,000 visitors who generated six figures in new sales for downtown businesses.

DC35 was proud to partner with Beyond Walls again this year. Like last year, we offered the festival a donation of $50,000 and created the “canvases” for the murals by cleaning, priming and preparing sides of buildings for participating

artists, as well as providing lift training and certification for all of the artists.

This year’s festival, from August 6 through August 19, focused on reviving Lynn’s waterfront for the enjoyment of both residents

and visitors. Artists from all over the world painted 15 to 20 murals and festival organizers hosted more than 40 free events.


Pictured: Women In Action members priming walls in Lynn

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