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Eric Redding
Director of Training 617-524-0248

On May 10, 2018, we celebrated a special occasion, the commencement of more than 50 apprentices from all four apprentice programs. There was an energy in the room that couldn’t be denied, everyone could feel it. Apprentices invested three years of blood, sweat and tears on jobsites, countless hours in the shops and classrooms, and by attending Boston, Brentwood and charity jobs to make it to graduation day.

Some have already completed their OJT and are earning Journeyman pay, others are in the process of finishing up. No matter what stage they were at, this was a moment we all looked forward to: seeing the next generation of DC35 craftsmen and women come together to celebrate their achievements. Business Manager Jeff Sullivan said it best, “From graduation till retirement, you’re one of us, you’re part of the family, we are one big family.” Congratulations to the Class of 2018.

Summer can be predictable with certain events we know will happen. We know apprentice classes will end for the season. We know June 30 will be the last day of Health and Safety classes. There’s no better time to get ready for next year’s training than right now. To make sure our members receive the best continuing education, our trainers expand their knowledge base all year long with the support of our trustees.

I truly believe we have the best craftsmen/foremen and trainers here at DC35 and I wanted to share with them leadership training I took two years ago. This summer, we finally had the opportunity to bring the class to Boston for one week in July. All of our craft directors and trainers were invited to attend. This class gets you thinking from different perspectives, ideas for new ways to accomplish tasks and helps you understand what makes you tick. The class changed me for the better. I believe we can grow stronger together with these new tools.

We’ve been involved with the National Commission of Certified Crane Operators (NCCCO) and Spyder Glass Manipulators for some time now. We started with rigging and signaling, and as the times changed, so did we. The equipment we use everyday improves and with that, so do the requirements. Our glass manipulators set glass into the openings and we need proper credentials from the State of Massachusetts to comply. So that’s what we do, we train for it and get the proper credentials.

Now, on select construction sites, we are seeing rules written into the specs that the Glazier using the glass manipulator must be NCCCO certified by a third party. Fortunately we had the foresight to build a relationship with the NCCCO so we were prepared. Within two weeks’ time we completed the exam thanks to the efforts of Glazing Coordinator Tom Falter and instructor Brian Montgomery who put in some long days to accomplish this. Brian became an examiner about a year ago and it was his credentials we used to get the job done, a true team effort all around.

The amount of work happening right now within our jurisdiction is nothing short of amazing. Your Training Department has always risen to the occasion to train to the highest standard, whether trade or health and safety related, and will continue to do so well into the future. The FTI of New England is always ready.

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