IUPAT DC 35 Congratulates Marty Walsh on his Confirmation as U.S. Labor Secretary Under President Joe Biden’s Administration

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IUPAT DC 35 Congratulates Marty Walsh on his Confirmation as U.S. Labor Secretary Under President Joe Biden’s Administration

Boston — IUPAT District Council 35 congratulates Martin J. Walsh on his United States Senate confirmation as U.S. Secretary of Labor. The following statement has been issued by IUPAT DC 35 Business Manager / Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Sullivan.

“Marty will be the first card-carrying union member to serve as Labor Secretary in nearly 50 years and will bring an unmatched depth of understanding, compassion, and dedication to the position at a critical time, as the nation’s economy and workers overcome the impact of COVID-19. He will be a critical voice for America’s working families as a cabinet member in President Biden’s administration.

For decades, Marty Walsh has shown bold leadership and compassion as an advocate for workers. He has demonstrated his care for others as a rank-and-file laborer, as a local union leader and as an elected official.

Secretary Walsh served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives from 1997 to 2014 and has served as the Mayor of Boston since 2014. As a labor official, he was a leader of Laborers’ Union Local 223 as well as the General Agent of the Building and Construction Trades Council of the Metropolitan District.  In those roles, he established a record of success in reaching collaboration among diverse constituencies for the betterment of communities.

As Boston’s mayor, he worked tirelessly to restore workers’ rights and fought for good-paying jobs, benefits, and safety regulations.During his tenure as Mayor, tens of thousands of new jobs were created, and the city’s unemployment rate was cut in half.

Since the 1970s, working-class Americans haven’t seen their earnings grow in comparison to the massive profits being realized by corporate interests. Secretary Walsh cares about all workers, union and non-union alike; as Labor Secretary he will bring his real-world experience and his values to Washington to ensure that all people are treated fairly and protected by our nation’s labor laws. President Biden could not have made a better selection to head the Department of Labor and we are excited to continue our work with an administration that understands the critical importance of a thriving middle class. Marty will never forget the lessons learned on construction sites and we are so proud to have a Boston-born-and-raised U.S. Labor Secretary who will put working families first.”

— Jeff Sullivan

Business Manager / Secretary-Treasurer


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