An Active Membership Makes All the Difference by Chris Brennan

 In News, Newsletter: Winter '18

As work continues to boom and many members are working late days and weekends, you would think the last thing most would want to do is march in the cold. Such is not the case with DC 35. Time and again when we put the call out, our membership pulls through!

The City of Somerville was, once again ground for attacks on the working class. DC 35, along with our friends and colleagues from the Building Trades, Hotel Workers, Teamsters and others marched on City Hall to voice our concerns with the proposed $1B redevelopment of Union Square with no real community benefits agreement in place. Fresh off the heels of our victory against attacks on prevailing wage in the spring, we will continue to fight for our work. Thanks to everyone who came out in the cold after a long day of work! Keep coming, WE NEED YOU!

DC 35 presents a check for $5,000 to Steward Doug Neary of Gas Workers Local 12012 to help with their ongoing strike against National Grid. Keep up the fight brothers and sisters!

Since my appointment to the SUD/SP (Substance Use Disorder/Suicide Prevention) task force last December, we have been working diligently putting together a template for the International to use nationally to help battle the opioid and suicide epidemics that grip the country. Together, we’ve put together a curriculum to be taught at the International to help bring awareness to our membership. This project will kick off next month with three DC 35 members attending. We are putting the final touches on a peer advocate training for stewards and interested members to act as a conduit for struggling members on the job site. IUPAT and DC 35 are committed to being progressive on these issues and we will always be looking to move forward. We are all grateful for the continued support our members have for each other in this fight.

New members Chauncy Lyons and Anthony Ciavardone are sworn in to local 577 by President Paul Hunnefeld.

Last but not least, work at Encore Boston Harbor continues to move right along. We’ve got well over 200 members on this job, and many of the small projects like the inside of restaurants and boutiques are coming next, which will up those numbers. This is the largest privately funded project in the history of Massachusetts. It has been a pleasure to be a part of, and one that our members will be proud to have had a hand in. Great job Brothers and Sisters!

Recovery Group meets every Wednesday night at 7 pm at the Union Hall in Roslindale. If you or anyone you know is struggling with alcoholism or addiction, please have them give me a confidential call.

We are here for you!

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