In Newsletter: Spring '21

This past year has challenged each of us personally, in our homes and on the job sites. It has not been easy by any stretch of the imagination, but we can finally see the path that leads us out of this pandemic. 

The vaccine is being distributed by the truckload on a daily basis in Massachusetts, restrictions are being somewhat relaxed, and job sites are beginning to open up to full capacity again. Crew sizes have been limited over the course of the last year, and the majority of our membership has returned to work during this pandemic.

The City of Boston and Cambridge continue to approve massive projects for the pipeline, with projects three to five years down the road and promises us a jam-packed schedule. In-person meetings will start to resume at the Union Hall in the very near future with the ability to socially distance while conducting our business outside. We also have an upcoming contract negotiation as well as local elections on the horizon.

If we trust the data and it holds true that 70% of the residents of Massachusetts can get vaccinated by the end of June, we may actually return to a sense of normalcy this summer. Although I don’t believe we will be able to jump right back into what life was pre-pandemic, anything outside of what we all have been dealing with will be a welcome relief.

While restrictions are being lifted, we all must maintain our due diligence in doing our part. We still need to take the safety precautions to limit the spread of COVID. We can only get past this if we keep our eye on the ball. Good luck to all this spring, and stay safe out there!

I want to take a moment and congratulate DC 35 member Paul Canning. Paul has been a friend and mentor for the better part of 15 years since I joined our great District Council. He has been someone I have always leaned on for advice and guidance throughout the years, and especially the last 7+ years working for the Council. He is moving on to do some incredible things for our International, but will always be a phone call away to bend his ear. Congratulations Paul; there isn’t anyone that deserves this spot more than you. You have taken our Local and District Council pretty far and have always stood up for the working men and women of our Council. We have one of our own at the big table which only means greater things are ahead for District Council 35.


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